OYO Geo-monitoring Service Corporation

Company Profile / CEO’s Message


1990 January Established Kawaguchi Ace Industry Co., Ltd.
Capital 10 million yen Manufacturing and sales of geological survey equipment
2002 March Increased capital to 40 million yen
2002 April Changed company name to OYO Geo-monitoring Service Corporation
Started new business for field testing, measurement and rental
2002 July Increased capital to 150 million yen
2005 May Joined the Kanto Geotechnical Consultants Association
2007 December ISO 9001 certification registration (scope of certification: rental business for geological survey related equipment)
2009 September Reduced capital to 100 million yen
2014 May Acquired patent for borehole loading test equipment (Patent No. 6218079)
2015 January Registered as a Geological Surveyor
2018 February Regarding AUTOLLT2 borehole loading test equipment that does not use high pressure gas
Registered in NETIS (Registration No. KT-170091-A)